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Welcome. You must be curious, which is why you are here. My name is Han. I call myself Han Sulu because I want to be the captain of my own star ship. This site contains the captains logs of my long journey. I was immigrated to U.S. in 1995. I studied three years and went to the University in 1998. From 2002 to now I was working as a software engineer. Between 2010 and 2013, I study in University for three years (part-time, except the last semester) and got my master's degree. Creating a blog content management system was the idea I came up during that time.

At one time, I look at the source code of WordPress and was not impressed with its quality. At that time I was a Java programmer and was getting deeply into the Spring framework. So I spent the next few years writing and re-writing this blog content management system. The first version was written in Spring MVC 2.0, then I re-wrote it with Spring 3. This version is the most satisfactory one, which I wrote with Spring Boot 2. It was almost two years ago. It was the latest version then, But now, it is pretty out-dated.

Even though I wrote and re-wrote this three times, I enjoyed the work. This last rewrite, I have learned so much just to go through all the pain. This was the best part of doing and re-doing the same project. The opportunity to learn the best way of doing things. The part that I didn't perform well is that I have the tendencies of duplicating the same code. I have cleaned up a lot for this application, but, there are still some more I just don't want to get rid of. They are harmless. Getting rid of them means more testing, and this application never getting public. In the end, I was getting tired, even though I was doing great work on this application. It was a kind of despair, when this application going to come out the hole and get some sun light? For me, I was getting sick of sitting there after 8 hours of work, then work on this for another 3 or 4 hours. All theses effort into this time, I had no time of working on something else. This motivated me to get the last bit done in the last 45 days (now is June 1st, 2020). And I was able to make it public two weeks ago. Since then I was very happy with the end result.

This blog content management system is not perfect. I had to do a couple fixes and redeploy. What is awesome about it, is that the code base is so clean that all the issues can be fixed very easily, and pushing it to pubic is just a small matter of turning them off, syncing the new code, doing a build, and turning them back on. All takes about 5 minutes.

As you can see, I am pretty passionate about technology. The real passion is that when a problem is handed to you, how to solve it right. I believe there is something about this worth writing. We learn to walk, and we fall. We pick ourselves up and walk some more. In the process, we will fall many times. The process of learn how to do it right is the most important, and it is something worthy of sharing. This would be the soul of this site.

As I have mentioned at the short introduction of the index page, the last blog site which I abandoned is due to the lack of focus. Like the way I learn engineering, I will learn how to keep focus of the content I put here. This time, my new approach will be project focused. When doing a small project, there will be several issues occur. The path of getting these issues resolved would be worth of writing. And it is how this blog site operates - defining the problems, finding effective solutions, and documenting the solution. I hope, these writing would be useful to any one who reads them.

This web site is not all about technical stuff, I picked up photography around 2007. I am not much of a photographer, but I did learn the photography techniques. I had a page that lists some of the best photos I have done. When I was young, I loved anime, and I did learn how to draw. I gave it up. In the same section, you may find some of drawings. I hope anyone who would like them. I also hope that I can write about these things, of course, they will be fun and technical.

I had a dark obsession with gaming. I will definitely write about this. I may write some reviews of the games I play, and about the gaming systems I use. But they are not the main focus here. However, these review will be unique because my perspective would be very different from others. I hope they will be helpful to others.