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This page list all my blog posts, Blog posts are pages that contains more detail than site updates, and are published more frequently than the articles. These blog posts describes more detailed updates about what's going on with my life. These posts documents the tips, tricks, and insights I have recently gained. These are most useful to me, and I hope it would help you the readers as well.

Start with Angular Application - A Re-introduction for Myself


This is my notes on learning Angular application development. There are some very specific details I like to share in this tutorial that will help anyone who just started learning Angular development. This tutorial specific for Linux, Java, and Node.js.

Han Sulu     05/16/2022

How to Video Capture Game Playing


In this tutorial, I will explain in details on how I have setup my video capturing when I play my PS4 console, as well as the work flow which I used to process the captured video for YouTube upload, so that the videos on YouTube is 1080HD. This is a great tutorial for beginners, don't miss it.

Han Sulu     11/09/2021

Linux Desktop: Session Logout Options Dialog and Disabling Key Ring Password Input Prompt for Chrome


In this blog post, I like to discuss the resolutions for two Linux desktop related issues, one for the constant popup for unlocking system key ring when launching Chrome browser. The other is the disappearance of the session log out options.

Han Sulu     09/25/2021

How to Customize Linux Mint 20.2 Uma XFCE Desktop for a Modern Look


This is a blog post on how to customize XFCE desktop for Linux Mint 20.2 Uma. I will describe how to customize for transparent panel, customized icon for the start menu, install and configure DockBarX, install and utilize customized icon set and application window themes.

Han Sulu     09/14/2021

Setup Dev Environment for QT5 Development


In this quick tutorial, I will discuss the steps I took to set up my environment for application development using QT5 and Eclipse for C/C++. It will be different from other tutorials.

Han Sulu     08/13/2021

Enable CSRF Token in Spring Security for AngularJS Application Use


This is a very simple tutorial on how to enable CSRF token as an added security measure for Spring Boot application integrating with AngularJS.

Han Sulu     07/15/2021

Quick Sketch of Hacking Spring Session


In this short blog post, I will discuss how to hack the Spring Session code so that I can load the configuration values from the configuration file then pass it to the Session Repository creation. This should surpass the limitation of specify constants via annotation.

Han Sulu     07/09/2021

Broken MySQL Server and What to Do


I accidentally broke the MySQL database server on my server box, via OS upgrade. This tutorial goes in details on how to trouble shoot the issue and how to resolve it. Hope this is useful for any reader who faces the same issue. Thanks for reading.

Han Sulu     06/24/2021

My Linux Mint Setup and Configuration


Recently I switched my development PC to to Linux Mint from Windows 7. This post is to show you the reader how I made the switch, including the preparation work I have done, the buying laptop process, the process of installing the new OS, and the add-on software I have installed. I also described the simplicity of upgrade the OS to a new version. And the testing I have done to make sure everything works.

Han Sulu     01/24/2021

AngularJS FormData Multi-part File Upload


This post is to discuss how to upload files using FormData and AngularJS $http object. This is something I didn't quite figured out when I designed this site, Recently I have figured out how this works, and I will have to redesign the upload functionality for this site. It is going to be fun. This post is to show you the reader how multipart file upload works.

Han Sulu     01/04/2021

Introduction to ThymeLeaf - Integration with Spring Boot


This tutorial is an introduction to the new rendering engine ThymeLeaf. My goal is to learn enough of it so that I can use it to replace the old tech I was using. The most important aspect of this tutorial is how to define reusable parts, then assemble them into a page. Then the next important aspects are the four different ways to render basic texts on the page, render plain text for an element; render html text for an element; render a collection of items, and use the if-else conditions.

Han Sulu     10/13/2020

Tutorial Blog: How to Use Bootstrap Span Elements with ngRepeat


This is the latest tutorial I have sent to CodeProject. It offers two different solutions to a very simple problem. The problem is simple, but without some out of box thinking, it cannot be resolved easily. In this tutorial, I first tried with a somewhat complicated solution. Then I realized the solution can be simpler, so in the same tutorial, I offered a second solution. I hope you enjoy.

Han Sulu     09/08/2020

Review - Motorola Moto G7 Power Unlocked


The first review from I bought a Motorola Moto G7 Power unlocked cell phone. Since I got it, I was very pleased with this phone. It will be with me for a long time. It has a huge battery. With how little I need for a cell phone, this phone provided everything I needed. I as extremely pleased with this purchase. And this post will discuss all this.

Han Sulu     08/02/2020

The Journey


The Journey is the very first blog post of this site. I wrote this post to document the path I had to take to redesign the blog engine which powers this site. The blog engine of this went through at least three different rewrite. This final version is the most successful one in comparison to the previous two. This post will give a history of the previous two, and how the previous two helped the design to make this one the best.

Han Sulu     06/10/2020

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