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Every year, I make 5-6 article submissions to The topics I focused on mostly are Java and web based technologies. For the year 2020, I have made two submissions so far, And I am working on the 3rd one. This page is created to track my progress for this year. I am currently on track. Please check back here and see if any new progress has been made.

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It was a tradition I started a few years ago. As a new year's resolution, every year I would contribute a few articles to In year 2018, I believe, I have contributed at least 12 for the year. It took a lot of my time. Almost every month, I would spend at least a week and create a article, then sent it to the editor. After that year, I decided to kick it back a bit. Instead of 12, I would create about 5 per year.

For 2020, I have had a great start and created two articles so far, for the month June, I will also complete the third one. I am using this page to track my progress on this work. Here are the status of the past and current work:

Reusable HTML Editor Control with AngularJS


Posted on: Oct 30, 2020

Summary: This HTML editor is created as a AngularJS directive, so it can be placed in any web application written in AngularJS. This tutorial will first discuss the design of this HTML editor control, and then discuss how it can be used in your application.

Reusable AngularJS Component: Warning Stripe


Posted on: Aug 3, 2020

Summary: In this tutorial, I will discuss how to build a reusable component with AngularJS, a status text display that can be used everywhere.

Hierarchical Comment Display


Posted on: Jun 16, 2020

Summary: This tutorial will show you how to load and display hierarchical structured comments using RESTFul service and JavaScript.

Html Editor With StapesJS


Posted on: Jun 16, 2020

Summary: In this tutorial I will create a WYSWYG html editor using StapesJS and UnderScoreJS.

Send Email with Java and Yahoo! Mail


Posted on: Apr 23, 2020

Summary: A short tutorial on Javax Mail and how o send email to Yahoo Mail.

A Simple Tutorial on RequireJS


Posted on: Feb 10, 2020

Summary: This tutorial will introduce the basics needed to use RequireJS to build modularized web applications with JavaScript.

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